Hailstorm Creek

   "Welcome to a time when things were Simple and Good......"

Hailstorm Creek is the place where Hannie Jo, Sarah J., Dottie Rose, Granny Lil, the Aunts and Bebe either grew up or lived most of their lives.  It is a real place, although you won't find it on the map anymore.    Just the name evokes all kinds of nostalgia whenever I hear it.

We've fashioned this "place" here on the web to reflect that nostalgia, by offering farmhouse and country style items:   our Farmhouse Apron- first worn by Sarah J. so many years ago;  our line of Hailstorm Creek Press quilt patterns;  Quilts; and our beloved Annies.   Bebe has had a love affair with them since she was wee little girl, and since Granny Lil made her a special Raggedy Ann and Andy, which she still has to this day. 

We hope you will love our things as much as we do and that they will give you a good feeling when you wear them or see them displayed in your home.  We love our aprons so much that we hang them on a hook in our kitchen!  They make great gifts as well!

Sincerely,  the Gals at Hailstorm Creek